The Vermont Governor's Cup

Wine Competition

About The Challenge

Wines are tasted “blind” by our distinguished panel of judges at a private site prior to the Governor’s Cup Public Tasting on July 8th. The judging will be conducted by a panel of restauranteurs, sommeliers, retail wine buyers, wine critics, and distributors.  Our trade-only judging panelists work with wine on a daily basis. Our judging panel is derived from a diverse range of disciplines so multiple viewpoints will be considered in the evaluation of the wines.

The Judging Process

Samples are presented in flights of numbered glasses to avoid the possibility of judges being influenced by the shape, weight, packaging or crest of a particular bottle. Judges are asked to evaluate the wines in silence until each panel member has had a chance to sample and evaluate after which an open discussion takes place. Votes are then submitted to the head of the judging panel for collection and summation.
The competition’s dedicated tasting premises. Judges are strictly prohibited from entering the competition cellar and preparation area during or after competition judging sessions. The decision of the judges is final once the judging has been completed.  The Vermont Governor’s Cup medals will be awarded on the day of the Public Tasting on July 8th at Brook Farm Vineyards.
Wines that have been awarded Gold Medals by the panel will proceed to the trophy round to compete for the winner of The Vermont Governor’s Cup upon which the wines will be re-tasted.

The Marking System

The Governors Cup Trophy 
Gold Metal winners will flighted and the highest score will be awarded the  Governor Cup Trophy for best in show. Highest score
90 and above
Quality of the highest order; setting the standard
Silver 80 – 89.9
Fine example; excellent quality
Bronze 66 – 79.9
Good example; well above average
66 – 74.9 
Good but not worthy of an award

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